Friday, 1 December 2017

Time to welcome Santa with a beautiful mixed media frame

Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtail ring'
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight!

These words kept ringing around my ears until I made this beautiful Mixed media frame. I completely tried to replicate the above lines in my art work.. Added some snow, horse, green bells, colors as per the soothing mood that sets in during the beautiful arrival of Santa. 

Since our childhood we have always heard Santa giving us gifts, but why not decorate the main door this time with a beautiful piece of Mixed Media and welcome our dear Santa home.

So once again I am back with my new project based on the coming festival.....
To make this beautiful mix media frame i used the listed material shown at the end of all instructions
I am also putting step by step instructions to understand you the project well 
1. to create this project the very first step is to give a textured layer  to the chipboards we have with texture paste 

2. next step is backing up the frame with black cardstocks

3.Assemble all chipboards as per your own choice taking care of the balancing all objects and colour it

4. collect all decoratives u have readily available with you to decorate your frame
here i have made few paper flowers and leaves, also created tassel from wool and some golden and white different sizes pearls
5. Gave some extra decoration  to the chipboard christmas tree,, with some stars hanged on the strings, decorative stones and gave effect of snow with small white pearls on top of the tree

6.Decorate the frame with the flowers and leaves golden pearl hangings

few more closeups......

Material used:

Wishing u all a very Happy December and the beginning of a beautiful festival. If you liked my project do leave some love in the comment section below

Sending Christmas hugs,
Apexa Singh

Treasure box mixed media

Hello friends

I had a huge box on which i tried mixed media

I have applied first a layer of gesso

Next step is applying mod podge

And then sticking tissue by crushing it so that it creates some wrinkled effect. Next i stuck was plain white thread.
Again applied gesso so that it creates a nice texture .

Next is i used d chippies that i got from Expressions Decorative Embellishments.... D geared effect,  perfect for a masculine look.....

Applied gesso on them too and tried arranging them to give a steam punk look

Then i sprayed in blue and teal color alcohol sprays and rubbed in to give a vintage light and dark effect look...

Used some black acrylic paint in d edges and also some white
Sprinkled in some gesso and black paint

Had a sentiment titled celebration, on which i applied gesso and paints

Then added all d metallic accessories so complete d steam punk look......

Materials used are
Mdf box available with craftsneed
White rope
Chippies from Bhavani
Metal corners and hinges available with craftsneed
Metal chain available with craftsneed
Alcohol sprays
Glossy accents too stick
Black acrylic paint
White acrylic paint

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mini Canvas mural

Hello again,

 Soon back with another tutorial... Today had created a mini canvas mixed media art mural...

pic following are the materials I started upon with...
feather chipboard cutouts are from craftsneed... 

first I applied  my  whole canvas with white sakura gesso and let it air dry... then I glued the outer frame which was there around the feather which gives a thin inframe design to my background.

then I had used geometric design stencil from craftsneed and randomly did my application within the inframe and allowed it to air dry too. later I double stuck  foam tape on the back of feathers to give more dimensional look. 

with the thaiclay from craftsneed I made peacock feathers and the corner molds and dried them naturally...below is how they turned out to be... 

these are the micro Styrofoam balls that I used them instead of artstones.. they are basically 2 sizes. coloured ones are very smaller in size than white ones... just a blob of white glue and sprinkle them on it wait until dry...
this was done and this is how it looks after all the elements are on the frame....

again 2 coats of gesso allover drying in between each application...

I felt the feather was too plain so I used my liquitex modelling paste and dabbed all over on feathers of chipboards and outer part of inframe ...

here I what I stated to give it a life with my pearl powders ...these are the powder which I had purchased 15 years back when I was making murals.. so thought of trying them again and they still had great bright pearlescent look ..used my fingers and brush both to move and blend colours.  On the left the pic is the first stage  of my colouring output...Since I had no word chipboards available or diecutouts I had to handwrite the sentiments on pearl can see them on right pic.

this was the final canvas after playing with my colours I was a bit unsatisfied with the way it was showing up since I love to work more with pastel colours so I again dab white pearl colour on peacock feathers and more red tone on edges of big chipboard feathers 

yes and now this gives a raise to those feathers to standout of the background...

so all done...please do leave your positive  comments below which will encourage me to do further tutorials...till then bye...

Monday, 27 November 2017

Goodies Bag

Hi friends, 
here again Apexa Singh on craftsneed platform with a new project which will help you to create some art of representing your goodies...

to create this goodies bag you need following material :

Die cut circular pattern paper
12 x 12  black cardstock
washi tape
 Other decoratives like some embellishments, sentiments, die cuts, mulberry flowers,etc..
Tacky glue create this goodies bag i have used a wonderful die cut pattern paper from
the paper itself is very stiff so u can make the bag directly from the paper. but i have used a black cardstock to give a thin border to the pattern paper for nice appearance..
2.score the pattern paper from the center as shown in the picture and fold it 
3/.paste the black cardstock in three parts

4. put a decorative washi tape on the joints to cover it and for the finished look

5.Cut two stripes measures pf 12 inches x 2 inches and score 0.5 inches from both the sides and fold it

6. stick those strips in a triangular foam as shown, paste the base also and the 2nd half layer

7.after sticking the stripes ur goodies bag will look like this

8,have cut a border and paste it to the base of the bag and cover this border joints again i have used the washi tape

9..  collect ur decoratives like mulberry flowers, die cuts, pollen to decorate the bag
10.I also created a rosette to combine these decoratives and to give some more dimensions to my project...

11.assemble these decoratives on the rosette and paste it on one of the corner of this bag..
12. I also created a small wish tag and put on the bag...

hope the tutorial will be useful to you all and  also inspired to make something on this coming festivals

putting few more glimpses of my final project to understand some more details. If u love this project leave ur love with some comments below.... thank you

Supplies used:

Spring Market Diecut -12" diameter

Black cardstock
Mulberry flowers